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How can you live a richer life? I don’t believe one has to have a lot of money to be rich. One can be rich in many ways. Riches can include family, close relationships, meaningful work and more.
Those are all wonderful things, of course. But today I will focus on the three things that will help you live a richer life that aren’t dependent on other people and are things mostly in your control: health, wealth and inner life.
Aristole said that a life of virtue is the chief ingredient of happiness and that adequate health (goods of the body), adequate wealth (external goods and property) and goods of the soul (wisdom and virtue) were necessary for this kind of rich and happy life.
Let’s begin with health. I know many people who are financially secure but don’t take care of their bodies and have chronic back and knee problems, heart disease, are very overweight, etc. They aren’t truly “rich” even though they have a lot of money.

Most people wait until their pain or disgust with their health situation is so great that they are forced to take action. Please don’t wait until the last minute. Visit your doctor on an annual basis. Listen to your friends and family members if they tell you they are worried about your health. Denial is the worst thing you can do for your health.
Do one proactive thing each day for your health. Whether it’s scheduling a doctor’s appointment, going to a yoga class, eating no junk food that day, going for a run, do something for your health each day. I also recommend reading articles about health and researching medical conditions in depth so that you can ask your doctor the proper questions. Be as informed as possible.
Next, let’s take a look at wealth. Have you ever read that classic book from 1937 called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?
He gives very detailed instructions about how to formulate plans for your future. Then he tells you exactly how to start visualizing – and attracting – your goals so that they happen.
He even gives a list of 28 questions you should ask yourself every year as you evaluate your career and financial situation.
If you hope to increase your income, making plans and setting goals is important. For this I suggest you focus on these two words: Think Big! Donald Trump says those two words are responsible for his success. Thinking big will help energize you and, even if you don’t become a billionaire like Trump, it will be much easier to have a comfortable financial situation.
The final and third way to have a richer life is to also focus on your soul and inner life. You don’t have to be religious to do this. It simply requires jumping off the hamster wheel of your daily concerns and withdrawing into yourself on a regular basis. Yoga and meditation are great ways to do this. So is spending time in nature. Regularly engage in activities that increase your wonder for the world. This simultaneously feeds your soul.
Paradoxically, the more you focus on your inner life, the better you’ll be able to serve others and help them have a richer life too.
To recap: a rich life includes health, wealth and your soul. Remember that these three things are largely within your control – you simply need to gie yourself permission to make them a priority.