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Step 12 in my series, The 12 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious. – Ted Levitt
Yet a common mistake many people make is not having a crystal clear vision of what success will look.
You will find that visualizing success as vividly as you can (use photos, mental images, detailed descriptions to show you what it will feel like) is a vital step to achieving and exceeding your biggest goals.
I have used as our example my goal to climb Mt Kilimanjaro so as my final step in this process of goal achievement I constantly visualized a picture of myself at the top of the mountain.
I thought about what the wind would feel like on my face and how the bright sunlight would require me to wear sunglasses. I thought about the cold and how my fingers would feel. I even thought about the ache I would feel in my thigh muscles after the exertion of the climb. Not a bad pain but just enough of an ache for my mind to know I had accomplished a monumental physical feat. I heard the sound of the wind whipping past my ear.
In other words I made this visualization as real in my mind as was possible. Then I continued to do this everyday, several time a day until it really happened!
Your next and final step: To achieve your goals visualize what your goal will look like, feel like, and sound like?
Visualize your goal when it is achieved at the end of the time frame you defined in Step 2. Be as descriptive as possible, using words, photographs, and sketches and come back to that visualization often, at least once a day.

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