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In my previous post we discussed how a Vision Board can help you achieve your goals because it allows your mind to experience your goals just like they have already come to fruition. When you use all your senses so you actually see, smell, feel and taste your goals they become more real in your mind.
When they are real, you will be motivated to take the next action steps to achieve them even when those steps become difficult or time consuming.
There are 2 ways to create your vision board. You can do it physically by glueing images on posterboard or cardboard or you can purchase computer software that is designed to help you create a Vision Board on your computer.
If you create a computer generated Vision Board you can then use it as a screen saver or desktop background.  Looking at your Vision Board on a daily basis will help you visualize and focus on your dreams and goals.
To create your Attraction Board by hand, do the following:

  1. Gather together a large pile of your favorite glossy magazines. If you don’t have many magazines in your house, libraries often have a large pile of magazine discards that are free for the taking. Used bookstores also sell back issues of magazines very inexpensively.
  2. Go through these magazines and snip out headlines, words and images that relate to your goals.
  3. For example, if your goal is to retire at age 55 and lead an active life, you could clip out a photo of a couple walking on a beach. If your goal is to travel to certain countries in a certain time frame, clip out photos of those countries.
  4. Get a large poster board or piece of paper and paste the clippings on in a way that distinguishes each goal from the other.
  5. Fill up the entire board and hang it up where you and other can see it.
  6. For further impact, scan key pictures related to your goals, put them in a folder, and direct your computer to use this folder as a screen saver. See these images coming up repeatedly on your computer when idle – you will be amazed at how this repeated visualization helps you achieve your biggest goals.
  7. Sit down with your Attraction Board once a year as you revisit your goals.
  8. Every three years make another Attraction Board. You’ll be amazed at all you achieve, especially when you look back at your previous Attraction Boards.

For additional fun, make an Attraction Board with co-workers and/or your family. You can make individual Attraction Boards or you can even make a shared attraction board as a group if all of you are working toward a common goal or project.
When you look at the photos on your Attraction Board it suddenly makes your goals seem like a real possibility. After all, if you can visualize something, you can achieve it!