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Do you think you can attract what you want? Both skeptics of the “Law of Attraction” and people who believe in it ask themselves this question.
The first step to achieving your goals is to be really clear about what they are. You need to sit down and write a list of all your life goals.
Look into the all the different areas of your life such as health, relationships, wealth, family, and spirituality. Be as specific as possible. For example, if you want to create more spare time so that you can spend time with your family then what would you do with that spare time? Would you go out to the park with your children or would you take them on a trip to Disneyland?
If you want to be wealthy, how do you define wealth? Is it owning a new house, having money in the bank, donating money regularly to your favorite charities or going on an exotic holiday? Write all this down.
But as important as it is to write down your goals, sometimes words aren’t enough to make them seem real in your mind. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize them on your own. This is so important because, if you can visualize yourself accomplishing your goals and you are able to tap into how it will feel to actually achieve them, then you will be motivated to do the necessary hard work to achieve them.
I recommend creating a “Vision Board” or “Attraction Board”, as it’s sometimes called. A “Vision Board” is a collection of images that helps you to see, feel, smell and tastes everything  you would like to achieve. The more vividly you can picture yourself achieving your goals, the more likely it is that you will achieve them.
A “Vision Board” helps you feed your subconscious mind pictures of the goals you want to achieve. It’s like placing an order, so to speak. When you look at your “Vision Board” you should be able to summon forth the feelings as if you have already achieved this goal. You will see and feel yourself in the position of having already achieved those goals. Notice how this feels. This “as if” feeling will help you turn your goals into your reality because it will motivate you to take action.
If you are a left-brained thinker like I am, this type of thinking doesn’t come naturally so  a Vision Board will be especially helpful, as it will get your right brain involved in the process of goal-setting. If you are already a right-brained, creative type then this will be right up your alley.
In my next post I will go over the specific steps for how to create your vision board.