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Welcome to the first post in my blog! The blog is based on my fundamental belief that each of us has a bright spark in us that has the potential to brighten the world – if only we let our inner light shine strongly. I hope to share with you success stories of real people just like you and me, so that you too can be inspired to let your greatness light up the world.
What will you gain from visiting the blog, or better still, subscribing to the RSS feed? I will start by sharing the stories, in the next few weeks, of the 12 ordinary-yet-extraordinary people featured in my recently published book, Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future.
These are people who have met great challenges, overcome obstacles, made fear work for them —and have gone on to achieve undreamed-of heights!
They are ‘actors’ in their own life stories. But more than that, they are the producers of their lives, and the agents of change in the lives of many others.
These episodes may inspire you in themselves—but they’re also about you—in showing you step by step how you can learn from these examples to make beneficial changes in your own life.
Achievement, inspiration, greatness, gratitude, change—these are exciting things that can help you transform your life.
Plus I’ll cover lots of other exciting, practical topics like overcoming your fears, defining a life purpose easily, the importance of a great daily journal, and many others.
I will also share other success stories from people who have recently participated in the Life Makeover workshop. And I will share tips, tools, tricks, inspirational stories, book reviews, and other nuggets that you can use to help make huge changes in your life. Practical stuff for easily sustained life changes.
But equally importantly, I hope you will comment on the blog posts and even consider contributing material yourself. On each post, simply add your comments. Keep your comments succinct, insightful and useful to others. If you wish to contact me privately, simply click on the Contact tab above.
To your success,
Karim H. Ismail,
Author: Keep ANY Promise: a blueprint for designing your future