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If you are like most people, whether in your twenties or eighties, there are likely a number of areas in your life that leave you feeling disappointed. Are you satisfied with every aspect of your life? Are you living the life of your dreams, and thriving, day to day, month to month, year to year – or is your life a struggle. Are you just surviving or getting by?
Ask yourself these 10 questions and answer yes or no.
1.       Do you have the financial freedom you desire? Is your family’s financial future secure, and well able to ride out economic downturns?
2.       Are your family relationships everything that you desire them to be?
3.       Is your health, fitness level, weight and energy at an optimal level?
4.       Do you love what you do and are you using your talents to their maximum?

5.       Do you have balance in your life, so you can take lots of time off, travel if you desire, and volunteer for causes important to you?
6.       How deep is your spiritual connection?
7.       Do you feel that in the last three years, you have made huge progress in your life – or do you feel you are stagnating? Are you making consistent, measurable progress towards your goals and dreams?
8.       Are you happy?
9.       Do you have absolute clarity regarding your purpose in life?
10.   Do you feel you are making a real difference in the world, and will leave a wonderful legacy?
If you answered no to more than a few of the questions the problem is most likely that you have not taken the time to set any specific goals for your life. You probably don’t have a Life Blueprint. If so, is it any wonder you feel dissatisfied?
Imagine for a moment that you were designing and constructing a beautiful, unique building. In fact, this is what I did for 20 years, on projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Would you ever consider doing so without a detailed blueprint? Not likely. Is your life not worth more than a building no matter how grand? Of course it is yet, over 99.9% of people do NOT have a blueprint for their life, but still desire to live a wonderful, beautiful life, with a great legacy.

If you want to learn how to achieve your personal and professional goals I would like to share my system with you. I recommend you begin here: