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Achieve Goals + SpeedYou’ve probably heard the phrase, “money loves speed.” That’s because it’s not enough to have a goal or a good idea. You must quickly implement it in order to have success.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have long term goals, of course. But the forward motion you gain from focusing on getting things done quickly will help you achieve even your long term goals too.
Let me give an example. Twenty minutes after Jason Mark used an iPad for the very first time he came up with an idea for an iPad bracket. The bracket serves as a frame for the iPad, much like a picture frame. It lets you mount the iPad on a wall for presentations in meetings, displays in museums, etc.
Three days after coming up with the idea he presented it to a manufacturing company and within 21 days they had a working prototype, marketing plan, website and their first sale, which came an hour after the iBracket was mentioned on a blog. Note that this was a physical product yet still they got it out the door in record speed.
With today’s technology and social media it’s very possible for you to achieve similar things with great speed. This applies to any area of your life, like fitness goals, plans to redecorate, saving money for a vacation, etc. Speed helps everything.
Here are 5 steps for you to accomplish your goals with more speed:
1. Set an audacious goal. Make sure it’s one you are passionate about. That passion will energize and sustain you in the early going. By audacious I mean a goal that might seem outrageous on the surface or hard to achieve but one that will motivate you because the potential payoff is great.

2. Remember that perfection is the enemy of the good. Or, as the saying goes, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” If Jason Mark had agonized over minutia in regards to the iBracket, it will only be an idea.
3. Enlist the help of others. Speed is important in a relay race but it’s not a solitary race – someone hands the baton to you and then you pass it off to someone else. Run as fast as you can in the areas where you excel and then don’t hesitate to pass the baton and outsource when necessary so that you can actually finish the race.
4. Write down a timetable that you think is realistic. Then cut the time frame in half and try to accomplish it by then. Prove to yourself that you can do it that fast.
5. Resist procrastination. You’ll have to fight resistance and procrastination every single day. Quite often, people will delay even ten minute tasks. I read about an author who has procrastinated looking at the cover of the book his publisher designed for him, even though it would only take ten minutes. As a result the publication of his book has been delayed by at least a year, just because of this procrastination.
When you find yourself procrastinating, it maybe be because you’re trying to sabotage your goal without even realizing it. Going outside your comfort zone to pursue an audacious goal can be scary so beware of resistance taking control and trying to make you conform. Every time you find yourself idly surfing the web instead of working or procrastinating in other ways, set a time and force yourself to get back on task and work for a designated period of time. Then reward yourself with idly web surfing or some other activity.
If your procrastination is severe enough, you may need to rethink your goal. It’s possible it isn’t one you are truly passionate about.
If it is a goal you are committed to I recommend you read my Keep ANY Promise Special Report to help you on your way.