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Do you know the number one reason you fail to achieve all your goals? Or fail to keep all your new year’s resolutions?
It’s very simple, and if you knew this one little secret, you could easily achieve ANY goal you set.
The reality is that most people create goals somewhat like this:
1. I’d really like to lose weight/get fit/look better/feel better.
2. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had more money, a bigger car, a bigger house?
3. I’d be so happy if my relationships with friends, family and co-workers were much better.
I could go on and on – but you are likely starting to get the point. These are well-intentioned WISHES, or if you wanted me to be really kind, they are nice-to-have goals at best. Unfortunately, this is also how many people set up their New Year’s resolutions (ok, some people may set up deadlines and be more specific). But the sad reality is that 99% of resolutions do not get met, year after year. And most people struggle to achieve their goals and dreams.
You may simply not be aware that there is a much better way to achieve any goal you wish to pursue.
What’s really missing? What is needed is a slight shift in thinking, and a restating of these goals as MUST-HAVE or MUST-DO goals. Once you make this change in thinking, you start becoming much more focused on your goals.
I found there were 12 mistakes to avoid making when setting goals, and consequently, 12 steps to making any goal a MUST-DO goal, and keeping my promises to myself, my family, the world. Following these simple steps, I made huge life transformations over the last six years, which I have shared in my book, Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future.
Stay tuned: over the next few weeks, I will be sharing these 12 mistakes to achieving your goals. You will really want to take these mistakes to heart – so you can avoid them and avoid the goal-failure trap that so many fall into.
Then I will share a simple, but powerful way to turn your nice-to-achieve goals into must-achieve goals. In total, there will be 12 postings that summarize the 12 steps.
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To your success,
Karim H. Ismail
Author, Keep Any Promise