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The 1st Step is to Create a Blueprint for Your Life
The numbers are frightening. Millions of people are out of work or crossing their fingers they won’t find a pink slip in their next paycheck. Many have watched their retirement funds slip away. More North Americans than ever face foreclosure. Who wouldn’t be afraid?
Do you wish you could close your eyes and wake up on the other side of this mess? If you did, you’d miss one of the greatest opportunities of your life. Did you know that more millionaires were created per capita during the Great Depression than ever since? There is no better time than now to figure out your life purpose, set goals, and design a life blueprint. And the best part is that the process won’t cost you a dime. .
How satisfied are you with your life? Think that ‘just getting by’ is the best you can hope for in this economy? That this is the worst time to make any major life changes? Nonsense. You may not have much control over the economy, but you do have control over your own life.
You should be happy with your job, your relationships, your health and feel that you are fulfilling your life purpose, no matter what the economy. In fact, you’re more likely to ride out the bad times if you’re secure in the fact that your life is on the right track. The problem is that most people don’t know how to set short-and long-term life goals, they wind up reacting to individual situations and they flounder. They have no life plan.
See Part 2 for how you can start developing your life blueprint, step by step.
To learn more about what makes you tick, go to and take the simple assessment. The results may surprise you.
To your success,
Karim H. Ismail
Author, Keep Any Promise