Patience & perseverance through yoga

My parents NEVER tire of telling the story of how, when I was very young, I would push my tricycle down three flights of stairs to get to the ground floor of our condo low-rise – so that I could then start peddling away furiously to the nearby park. Why? Because I was impatient to get started at once!

All my life, I’ve been impatient. VERY impatient. My expectation has always been that I will get inspiring results in the shortest possible time.

Often, that has served me and my clients well. And it certainly leads me to find creative ways around obstacles in order to get fast, impressive results – for myself and others.

But my lack of patience and perseverance can also be supremely frustrating sometimes.

To help curb this impatience, and for other health benefits, I’ve tried my hand at yoga many times over the last 10 years. In groups and with private instructors. I persist for a while – and then lose patience and give up!

This kept happening until some 10 months ago, when I re-started my yoga practice. As usual, I started knowing intellectually that I needed to be patient (I had already committed to being persistent by signing up for a whole year with my spouse).

About three months later, I let on to my instructor that I was getting frustrated with my progress. Why, I wondered, could I not function as effortlessly as her? Never mind that she had studied and practiced yoga for 12 years with deep discipline. I was expecting instant results!

Ruth took me aside and explained that yoga was ALL about the journey. That I needed to be VERY patient, and extremely persistent. And that bit by bit, I would see results. Would I ever get THERE? Maybe, maybe not.

Today, seven months later, and with only one hour a week of hot hatha yoga, I am already seeing results. Slowly but surely. And yoga has helped make me much less impatient, much more willing to see ambitious projects as being long term rather than short term, and to develop stickiness to what I undertake. I also enjoying being at every session, no matter how challenging the instructor (and yes, I do secretly yearn to be able to bend and twist like a pretzel and to have the strength and stamina of my instructors).

So I’ve decided to double up and increase my yoga practice to twice per week. And in another six months, to three times a week.

Besides the increased strength, stamina, detoxification and stretching that every session provides, it also helps me focus inward, develop better breathing, and learn to let go. And as I apply what I learn from yoga (patience and perseverance while still being highly productive), I am seeing impressive business and personal goal results.

So I would encourage you to try out yoga. Not just for the health benefits, but to learn patience and perseverance and to calm your mind. Let me know how you do with your journey!


Karim H. Ismail, MBA | Founder, Blueprint Programs
t: 416-383-0400 Ext 2 / karim@blueprintpal.com