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Myth 2: I can do everything myself, because I am smart, gifted, and talented

The reality is that you can’t. At least not well! We can only juggle so many balls before one one them comes crashing down.
Ensure that it isn’t the glass balls that once shattered, rarely bounce back well: health; relationships; and friendships are all glass balls in my opinion.
Many years ago, I was so busy with work and volunteer commitments that I paid little attention to relationships, including my relationship with my one and only younger sister. She also moved away with her family, so that made it easier for me to spend even less time nurturing our relationship.
Gradually, there was less and less to talk about, and decreasing involvement in each other’s lives. A previously-close brother and sister became strangers. I had let go of a “glass ball” and it had shattered!
It took me many years (especially as she moved over 4 hours away in the U.S.) to redevelop that relationship. And in doing so, I re-discovered that she was one of the sweetest, nicest people I had ever known. Regrettably, I had missed out on spending time with her and my two nieces who are also absolutely delightful! I am saddened that I can never regain that lost time.
Today, even though she spends her time in Brazil and the U.S., we are the closest we’ve ever been—and I am blessed and my life is immeasurably enriched.Know your priorities. Which areas are more important than others? What fuels what? What gives you energy to accomplish other goals better?

So consider shifting your perspective to: I can only do so many things really well, taking pleasure in each.
So over the next little while, think about all the areas of your life as balls that you are juggling. Which can you afford to let go a bit (like work, which I believe is a rubber ball that will bounce back) and which is a glass ball (like health, relationships, friendships) that once shattered, is very difficult to put back?
Take the time to adopt a new perspective: I can only do so many things really well, taking pleasure in each.
Start taking pleasure in everything you do. But also ask yourself WHY you are doing what you do. How does it tie into your short term and longer term goals?
How will it help you fulfill the powerful obituary you have written or are going to write?