Have you ever waited for “the right time” to start something? It could be a new project, getting fit, losing weight, a new job, a new relationship, or anything else.

Why do people wait?

The reasons they usually give are that they are too busy; or that there is a holiday/celebration/event coming up; or that they can’t afford it; or even that the stars are not aligned!

The truth is . . .

That they fear failure. Or fear success. Or fear what others will say and think. Or fear something else.

So the right time to start anything new, in my opinion, is NOW, in at least 99% of cases. Even if it’s one small step.

Here’s an example

A coaching client listed as one of her 20 year audacious goals, her desire to start a children’s orphanage in the developing world. She wrote eloquently and passionately, stating that her goal would be to start this project AFTER 20 years. I thought this was an amazing goal – but wondered why she was waiting 20 years.

Her response was similar to what most people tell me above – too busy, kids of her own, she will be more able to travel then, etc.

As we dug deeper, it became clear to her that what was REALLY at play was fear of failure, and that the project just seemed too big and daunting.

So I asked her if there was one tiny step she could take in the next week. She replied that she could sponsor a child’s education and living costs. Which she did.

I pressed further for another small step in the next month. She said she could research online where there was the greatest need.

And I asked: what else could she do within the year? She said she could likely go and visit the country/area where she wanted to have the orphanage.

We talked about what was possible in three years, and five years, and 10 years. All of a sudden, she could see that long before the 20 years were up, she could actually reach her goal, let alone start it then.

But only if she took that first step, made TODAY the right time, and got started!

So the next time you have a project or goal, consider not waiting, but start with one small step today. And another small step tomorrow. And the day after. And bit by bit, you’ll get to your goal – likely far ahead of schedule.

The right time, you see, is always NOW.