Over many years, I’ve come to learn how important leverage is to achieving goals.

What does “leverage” mean?

It simply means looking for advantages or opportunities to boost your progress.

For example, a client recently took on a new marketing role, where he needed to identify promising businesses that could benefit from the infusion of capital, growth strategy and connections that he could bring to the table.

One way to do this would be for him to let people in his network know of the opportunities he could provide, and whether they could make introductions to prospective business owners. Not a bad strategy at all!

Another strategy would be to contact business incubators who see hundreds of promising businesses a year, and get their help in selecting a shortlist of the most promising business owners. A super smart strategy. This is leverage, because two to three such incubators could yield hundreds of prospects!

Another example might be someone who wants to become healthier and more fit. They can certainly do all the right things on their own: changing eating habits, exercising more, sleeping better, and reducing stress levels. But if they did all this and engaged the services of a fitness instructor/trainer/coach, even for a short time, the trainer could help them develop the most efficient, effective and fun way to get to their goal – and to sustain progress over the long term. Now that’s leverage!

Another leverage strategy might be to join a team mentoring program, where a diverse group of people can help you celebrate success, work through challenges, and hold you accountable to your goals. That’s leveraging the power of a group!

A colleague of mine recently engaged a service to set up appointments for her with senior executives. She cut down on the time she would need to spend on this activity, and also reduced her own stress levels, while ensuring this important activity was carried out day after day. She reserved her energy for the actual presentation only. Her sales have risen significantly through the leverage she was able to obtain.

So as you look at your goals, think hard about the people, systems and resources that you can tap into for leverage, to help you make rapid progress towards your goals.