I’ve often seen people struggle with finding work, progressing in their careers or launching their business. Let’s assign these folks to Group 1.

And at the same time, I’ve seen people succeed at all three. Let’s assign them to Group 2.

What’s the differentiating factor?

Group 1 is focused outwardly. They have clear goals, they are taking action, they are working hard. But results are less than ideal.

Group 2 starts with an inward focus first, and then looks outside.

  • They know their key strengths and Unique Abilities, what purpose they want to serve in the world, and they live in gratitude.
  • They have given up stories and baggage from the past, seeking instead to focus on creating the best future they can for themselves and others.
  • They work continually on eliminating self-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve this”, etc.
  • They name and confront their fears, big and small.

Then, and only then, do they set clear goals, and take action. And the results they achieve are usually spectacular!

Are you in Group 1 or Group 2?

Being in Group 2 is not easy for most people. It requires introspection, personal work and often, retraining their minds. Shedding past baggage can take a lot of work and can be emotional. Planning for the future in the face of uncertainty and trade-offs can be a challenge. And deep personal work can be daunting.

But once you’ve done this work, through readings, workshops, coaching, seminars, therapy or a program I created, BlueprintPal Pro, your life will soar. I have experienced this personally in my own life journey, and I also see it in the lives of many, many people I encounter and who’ve participated in a BlueprintPal program . If you are happy on the inside, the outside will be happier.

Sadly, I also encounter Group 1 types who focus outwardly without first sorting out what is on the inside that may be holding them back. Some of them are willing to start playing in the Group 2 sandbox. I am thrilled when that happens!

However, others stubbornly insist on playing in the Group 1 sandbox. I am saddened momentarily, but simply bless them silently and wish them well, because I know deeply that because of their choice to stay in Group 1, their journey on earth will likely be a lot less optimal than it could.

In which group do you fit in?