Sitara Hewitt is an actress, host, mother, natural health enthusiast and motivator.

Her work encompasses mind, body and soul and helps equip you with a well rounded, personalized approach to enjoying a more fulfilling life, in every area.

An energy healer, yoga teacher and motivator, Sitara  focuses on empowering her clients and assisting them to ‘get out of their own way’.  She teaches techniques on letting go of negative thinking and behavior so that instead of sabotaging ourselves, we can employ tactics that help us progress, feel better and soar each day. Reprogramming our thoughts with positive affirmations, information on how to detoxify and strengthen our bodies and energy, and ways to connect  to a greater wisdom and intuition will all be covered. Her compassionate energetic coaching style ensures that everyone is engaged, and has fun!

Sitara was the head of the expression program at the Toronto film school from 2003-2005. She is an in-demand speaker, frequently profiled in magazines.

Sitara is well known for her starring role on the international hit show ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ airing on CBC, and in 90 countries worldwide. Her actor profile is here. And a recent interview can be found here.