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Happy New Year

Aaah, a new year! I wish you the very best of health, happiness and fulfillment in 2018. And how can you achieve this state of bliss? Throw out your New Year’s resolutions! Yes, you read correctly. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to take time to evaluate our goals and priorities. But to make real progress achieving those goals, you need to approach your goal setting at the beginning of the year in a different way. Otherwise, you might end up like most people who make New Year’s resolutions but never come close to accomplishing them...

Time to reflect?

This may be a great time to pause and reflect . . . This is the time of year when many people’s well-intentioned resolutions or goals for the year begin to falter. To prevent this fate, it might be helpful to reflect deeply on the past year, so that you are well positioned for 2018. I’d encourage you to ask these key questions about 2017. What went right? What did not go as you expected? Why? What could you have done differently in hindsight? What’s the learning from this situation...

Do you have one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator?

The anatomy of change Having observed thousands of people over the last decade, I’ve come to realize that we often go through life with one foot on accelerator, and one on the brake. The accelerator refers to the behaviors that propel us to new outcomes and results. The brake refers to the limiting beliefs that we may hold. Here’s how most people – including millions around the world who set New Year’s resolutions ever year – go about trying to achieve change...

Are we what we eat?

Can dietary changes boost your health? In late January 2016, I found myself in a health dilemma. I had been on an antibiotic for nine weeks, with no results. The specialist wanted me to continue for another six weeks on the off-chance the antibiotic would work. But being on the antibiotic had messed up my digestive system, and I was uncomfortable and in constant stomach pain despite severely curtailing what I ate and taking constant doses of probiotics.

Time: foe or friend? Part 6 of a 10 part mini-series

Myth 6: I can’t function without my To-Do list Yes, you can! Scary as it seems, the world won’t fall apart. I should know. Since I was 6 years old, I’ve been a prodigious list maker. I was an early adopter of every to-do software, and as my lists got longer, with more projects involving others too, I started creating sophisticated Excel spreadsheets.

Time: foe or friend? Part 5 of a 10 part mini-series

Myth 5: I don't have time for breaks, let alone vacations! The reality is that you do. Our best ideas rarely come to us at our desks or in meetings. Instead, they come to us when on a walk, in the shower, before, during or after meditation – and on vacations. Simply put, all the times when disconnected from work!

Time: foe or friend? Part 4 of a 10 part mini-series

Most people have a hard time saying NO to the many requests for help that come their way. They don't want to appear rude. Dr. Vanessa Bohns, assistant professor of management sciences at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, says. “One of our most fundamental needs is for social connection and a feeling that we belong. Saying NO feels threatening to our relationships.”

Time: foe or friend? Part 3 of a 10 part mini-series

Myth 3: I need to plan my work first, then the rest of my life Once upon a time, planning life before work would have been heresy to me, as it might be to many of you who are work and career focused. But I would STRONGLY advocate taking a fresh calendar, and planning and blocking out the really important things.