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Earlier this year, I was facilitating a Success Blueprint workshop to help participants better understand what they really wanted out of life and how to go about getting it. We were discussing the impact fear has on our lives and the participants were busy making lists of their most deep-rooted fears.

I looked at my own list and it was admittedly a very short one. It seems confronting our fears is a fear unto itself, really…

One of the participants (who most certainly, and thankfully, did not have public speaking on their list of fears) saw this and challenged me to think harder! In this mutual spirit of self-discovery, it became clear to me that there were indeed some extra fears echoing around in there at my core: fears I must have subconsciously left alone to take hold in the dark recesses of my mind.

As I plunged warily into the depths of my unexplored self, I realized that it would be wise if I also created a way out of the tunnel. This was my inspiration for constructing what I now call a Ladder of Fears.

You can read about climbing my first two rungs (getting a tattoo and facing my fear of heights on the CN Tower Edge Walk) in my last posting here:

Truth be told, I am a testament to the fact that confronting what we avoid most is so important to being free in our lives. It’s also amazing how what often stops us from pulling the bright balloons of our highest dreams down to earth is our own false expectations about where they might carry us if we actually grab on! We fear that by taking hold of something adventurous or beautiful, even something as light and harmless as balloons, we might be lifted away to that place we despair most.

For me, one of those terrifying places is the “promise land” of Big Dream Investment.

For a long time now, I have been afraid of the consequences of raising funds for an exciting but rather big business venture I’ve been steadily building. Aside from a common aversion to asking anyone for money, I was also afraid of being accountable for something many other people would invest in. A past attempt of mine at fundraising during the dot com boom/bust days was also not as successful as I had hoped it would be. For quite a long time, this trial run in funding for the future weighed heavily on me – until I saw it as feedback, and not failure.

So now I’ve decided to step up onto that higher rung and confront my dream head-on. I am about to launch a sizeable crowdfunding campaign to create a more powerful and connective online platform that will allow thousands to benefit from my personal transformation program. I also wanted the online experience to be more inspiring and life-changing for users. More than any other social platform experience out there. In short, to create a social network you actually need!

Keep in mind, I’m not asking you to help me get completely over my fear of fundraising today. But, I am hoping that I can count on you to be among the first to “Like” the brand new Facebook Page.

Before the campaign launches this January it’s crucial that a core crowd of people build an online presence. If you can please muster a click it will make all the difference, my digital strategists assure me!

And, if you feel like sharing, we’re building a compendium of common and not so common fears, so why not leave a quick note about one of your greatest fears on my Facebook wall? If it’s holiday themed all the better! Yes, it is the season to be jolly but it’s also a time of sharing…so don’t be shy!