1. I believe there is limitless opportunity for growth and expansion in our lives and in the world. The only barrier to growth is us.
  2. I believe that we all appear on earth with a purpose. Finding and living that purpose is our noblest calling.
  3. I believe that the faster we want to move in life, the more regularly we must slow down completely to pause, reflect and recharge.
  4. I believe that each of us has a powerful light within us. When we let that light shine, we illuminate the world. This light helps us co-create our world, making our most audacious dreams possible.
  5. I believe that it is possible to live every day in flow. Connected, peaceful, and stress free.
  6. I believe in living in the moment – while simultaneously keeping one eye on the future through active, regular planning.
  7. I believe that knowing our core strengths, and from there, our unique “super powers”, is essential to being on purpose.
  8. I believe that only when heart, mind, body and soul are in synch can we truly achieve our dreams.
  9. I believe that our bodies are sacred and that we have a responsibility to lovingly nurture our bodies.
  10. I believe that we are all capable of huge personal transformations, IF we have the right framework for change.
  11. I believe that perspective is everything. If we are seeking change in our lives, we first need to shift our perspective. From new beliefs stem new behaviours, which yields new results.
  12. I believe that lack of change is grounded in fear, which slowly creeps into our DNA and eventually into our soul. Any fear, once understood and embraced, can be vanquished.
  13. I believe that achieving balance in our lives is the path to happiness.
  14. I believe that loving ourselves should be our first goal every day. From that love stems endless possibilities.
  15. I believe that only when we truly love ourselves can others love us like we deserve to be loved.
  16. I believe that forgiving ourselves and others is essential to making and sustaining progress in our lives.
  17. I believe that helping others is our deepest, most gratifying calling.
  18. I believe that loving detachment is essential for a happy life.
  19. I believe that continual personal growth is key to our well being.
  20. I believe in limitless abundance, and that the more we live in gratitude, the more abundant our world becomes.

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