Three months ago, I shared a “secret” goal with a few colleagues: to create a compelling video to be featured at www.ted.com, so that many people might benefit from viewing the content and applying it in their lives.

Here’s what has happened as a result.
1.Six other people are also interested in doing a piece on TED. Most were too shy to step up.

2.One of my colleagues has deep experience with TED. Another knows people at TEDx Toronto!

3.We are investigating curating a full day TEDx event here in Toronto.

4.Another colleague is a videographer, and can do all the videography for this one day event.

5.Within the next few months, we will be able to get all our videos onto the TEDx website so that many more people than those who attend live can benefit from the ideas that we spread.

So when you have a goal, don’t make it a secret. Share it – and watch the Universe respond generously!

(And yes, you will receive an invite to the event, and I will also share the videos we create via this email post in the future. Stay tuned!)