Yes . . . but only if you combine it with the Law of Action

As you probably know, the concept behind the Law of Attraction is not new. Most ancient religious texts talk about the importance of how thoughts influence our actions. Descartes famously said, “I think, therefore I am.” In the 1930s Napoleon Hill wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich” that has gone on to influence millions of people even today. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is only the most recent variation on this theme.

Do you believe we can really just think our goals into being?

I am sure even Napoleon Hill would agree with me that we cannot merely think and grow rich. The Law of Attraction only works when paired with what I call the Law of Action.

As a former overseer of large building projects, I know that we can’t think a building into existence. Yes, every project begins with a vision and inspiration. But we can only visualize for so long. For the building to take form we also need detailed blueprints. Then we need to assemble the right material. And finally, we need to hire the right people with the right skill set. And when they act in concert, the building gets created.

Why would that be any different for our business and life goals? I’ve talked to many people who visualize and use affirmations, waiting for the Law of Attraction to work, but they remain stuck in a rut. They’re sitting around wondering why they’re not making progress.

Why Most People Fail to Successfully Achieve Their Goals

They are missing ACTION. They are NOT taking steps to achieve their goals. It’s like they’re waiting for results to come to them simply because they’re visualizing success.  But the reality is that you get exactly what you put into something.

If you take action and you increase your speed of implementation, you’ll experience an exciting phenomenon: there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to achieve more in the next 12 months than you did in the previous 12 years.

Four Laws of Action to Add to the Law of Attraction to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Law #1: Take a look at your affirmations and make sure they are about things you have a true passion for. That probably sounds obvious, but all too often we pursue things because it pleases someone else or because we think it would be financially lucrative, even though our heart isn’t in it.

Law #2: Use very precise wording when visualizing or using affirmations. Instead of saying, “I’m a millionaire,” say “I’m in the process of becoming a millionaire real estate investor.” Be precise and acknowledge that you are in the process of becoming whatever it is you want to become. It will be easier for your subconscious to align itself with that and the appropriate opportunities and actions will manifest.

Law #3: Create weekly and monthly goals. This is where the Law of Action enters the picture. Sit down with your calendar at the beginning of each month review your goals for that month. Be as specific about the outcomes you intend as possible. Then write down the specific actions you will take each week to accomplish that goal. Also include actions such as training, reading and networking.

Law #4: Have a clear plan for your day and be sure to reflect and learn from the powerful lessons that come your way, each day. Ask yourself the following key questions at the end of each day. I have found that when I do this in a purposeful manner, everyday, it completely changes both my outcomes and my outlook on life.

  1. What made me happy today?
  2. What am I grateful for today?
  3. What lessons did I learn today?
  4. What was my good deed today?
  5. What was important to me today?
  6. What did I do to move me towards my goals today?
  7. What will make tomorrow even more outstanding?

So go ahead and prescribe a fantastic day full of purpose every day – take the necessary action – and watch yourself attracting what you visualize, daily!