I have learned that sharing goals with others is vital to one’s success. However, many people are uncomfortable doing this, so they make the mistake of hiding their goals.

When we don’t share our goals it may be an unconscious attempt at self-sabotage. If we don’t tell anyone about our goals they never become real in our mind. When they don’t feel real, it is challenging to stay focused on our goals. We might feel uncomfortable at first, but hiding our goals will not help.

Instead, you will find that when you have the courage to share your goals, you articulate them more clearly for yourself, and you strengthen your commitment to them. Sharing your goals also allows you to receive objective feedback. Plus you will undoubtedly inspire friends, family, and colleagues. So please consider doing what we always ask children to do, and share!

For example, when I had a dream to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I shared this goal widely. People responded in all kinds of unexpected and supportive ways. One man, who I had met only once when undertaking a Weekend to End Breast Cancer training walk, lent me his entire trekking kit! Health practitioners dropped or lowered their fees to work on just about every part of my body to strengthen it! Life coaches spent time inspiring me! I learned that the more widely I shared my goal, the more the universe responded positively.

You will find it most helpful if you share your goal with people who will encourage you and give you feedback. They should also challenge you when you are having difficulty. Be careful of naysayers, for they will undermine your confidence. So select this small group carefully, and keep them updated regularly, so that they can spur your progress.

Select a minimum of three people with whom you would like to share your goals. Commit to updating them regularly, ideally every two to four weeks. Then sit back and see what unfolds. Let me know how things work out for you!