What does having courage mean to you? I define it as having the ability to make difficult decisions; stepping out of our comfort zones; taking on challenges most people wouldn’t; overcoming obstacles; and above all, overcoming our fears.

Why is it important to have courage? Without courage, we remain stuck in our current situations: in work that is unfulfilling; in health that leaves us with less than optimal energy; in relationships that leave us drained; in spirituality that leaves us disconnected; in financial situations that may not be what we desire.

How can you build your courage muscle? Like any other muscle, slowly. With repetition. What I encourage you to do is to commit to taking one small step out of your comfort zone every day. Weekends included. It does not matter how small. Vary the situations as possible. Then reflect on what you did in a journal every night. Ask yourself: How did it feel? What did I learn? What did I gain from stepping up? Was it really as bad as I had imagined it would be?

What are some examples? If you are in sales, make one more phone call, reach out to one more prospect that you have been avoiding for fear of rejection. If you need to address issues in your relationship, step up with one small item. If you are undertaking physical training, increase your intensity or repetitions. If you fear something, just take a deep breath and step into that fear. If you need to confront a poor financial situation, do so. If you’ve been holding back on deciding about something, make that decision.

These daily acts will help you build your courage muscle. What you will observe is that this muscle is very transferable from one part of your life to another, from one situation to another. And as your courage muscle gets stronger, your life will also improve dramatically!